Updated 03.28.03
Roanoke: Five new stories! Results and Characters updated. One new Graikos Deus position! Act quickly!
Rome: Results and Characters updated.
England: Results and Characters updated.
Japan: Arriving in 2003.

Hello, and welcome to Sailor Myth, a Sailormoon-based roleplaying game. We may seem a bit confusing at first, but give us a chance and you'll find a strong player community, more than fifty posted stories (with a dozen or so always in the works!), and over a hundred characters to interact with!

Sailor Myth currently has three open locations: Roanoke, Rome, and England. Each has its own cast, legends, and slight variations. Visit their pages to learn more. We are also in the process of developing a fourth location in Japan. Stay tuned for more information.

Not a member in Sailor Myth? Interested in seeing how we actually run our game? You can join our mailing and participate in polls, ask questions you may have, and decide if SMyth could be the right place for you! We welcome lurkers.

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